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4/9/12 – 8/30/18


Russian Federation

What is Деффчонки about (plot, summary)

Over the past five seasons, Palna, Lyolya and Bobilych dreamed of a beautiful life in Moscow ... and in the end they return to Saratov ...

Why? It happened so!

"Deffchonki" is not just a story of adventures and growing up of three bosom friends, it is a series about all the girls in Russia, about a difficult female share, when you want everything at once, but you get ... Saratov.

But our deffchonki are always positive, wherever they are. Epic failures and carbon monoxide situations, huge and meaningless cockroaches in your head that are in no hurry to scatter, love fever and answers to eternal women's questions - all this is "Deffchonki" on TNT!