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Книга-мандрівка. Україна

Книга-мандрівка. Україна

Книга-мандрівка. Україна

History, Family, Children

11/19/18 – 5/12/20

What is Книга-мандрівка. Україна about (plot, summary)

First Ukrainian cartoon series based on real events and unreal adventures of Ukrainians — the Travelbook. Ukraine.

Why a "book"? Because the series was created on the basis of the bestselling book, the Travelbook. Ukraine from creative agency Green Penguin Media, and now the characters, stories and discoveries have come to life on Ukrainian YouTube!

How can a Ukrainian decipher the script of an ancient Mayan civilization without leaving the office? Why should you never challenge a Nobel prize winner to a duel? Who helped Mykola Gogol create the first Ukrainian fantasy? How did the Ukrainian woman change the world of ballet fashion and receive an Oscar?