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Dear My Friends: Список серий

Dear My Friends

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Dear My Friends

Комедия, Драма, Семейный

13.05.2016 – 02.07.2016

Сезон 1

# Название Дата
1 Sorry, I Am Not Curious About You Guys 13.05.2016
2 I Can Do It Alone. I Can Live Alone. 14.05.2016
3 Down To The Braless Street With A Torn Jeans 20.05.2016
4 Please, I Beg Everyone, Don't Do Like As You Don't Know Us. 21.05.2016
5 Do Not Be Lonely. I Am Beside You. 27.05.2016
6 The Way You Can Return, The Way You Can Not Return 28.05.2016
7 The Wind Blows. The Waves Are Hitting. 03.06.2016
8 As If Nothing Had Happened 04.06.2016
9 Life Is Really Very Beautiful, Isn't It? 10.06.2016
10 Honing the Sword of Revenge 1 11.06.2016
11 Honing the Sword of Revenge 2 17.06.2016
12 What I Was Aware Of, A Hundred of My Sins. What I Was Unaware Of, Tons of My Sins. 18.06.2016
13 Like a Mother to the End, Like a Fighter to the End (1) 24.06.2016
14 Like a Mother to the End, Like a Fighter to the End (2) 25.06.2016
15 When Did We Ever Look at You This Long? 01.07.2016
16 Our Love Story 02.07.2016