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RPG Real Estate: Список серий

RPG Real Estate

RPG Real Estate


06.04.2022 – 22.06.2022

Сезон 1

# Название Дата
1 Welcome to RPG Real Estate! Room-Searching for the First Time! 06.04.2022
2 Troublesome Property! First Business Trip to the Dark Lord's Castle 13.04.2022
3 For Real! Dragon, Ghost, Overwhelming Magic!? 20.04.2022
4 Always Together! A Property Packed With Pets, Dreams, and Friendship! 27.04.2022
5 Summer! We Found a Great House for Wearing Swimsuits! 04.05.2022
6 A Melody for the Grim Reaper!? We're All Friends! Let's Get Along! 11.05.2022
7 Doors, Doors, Doors! Open the Door to Summer Vacation! 18.05.2022
8 Wha!? Finding a Dream Home Through Fortune Telling!? 25.05.2022
9 Nyan! One More Deal Until We Meet Our Goal! Let's Make Our Wishes Come True at the Millennium Star Festival! 01.06.2022
10 Woes of Longevity! I Need a Sturdy House That I Can Live in for a Long Time! 08.06.2022
11 Серия 11 15.06.2022
12 Thanks, Everyone! RPG Real Estate's New Journey Begins! 22.06.2022